About us

Why are  we together?

Today we are working and competing not just within our own country – globalization erases the borders and one can face competitors from all around the world. Our market is no longer internal and it is hard to cope with all modern challenges being alone. Having just one voice of one company you cannot support your interests neither within Moldova, nor on a global scale. We believe that uniting in our work for our common interests is the only option today.

Being alone we can have a large piece of our small pie. Being united we can earn and share pieces of a much larger one.

What do we work on?

Being established in 2008, we have constantly grown into a representative association sharing a common goal, a common vision and working together on a large series of interventions and projects. Until now, we have had the possibility to work on several priorities determined internally:


Workforce interventions
International and export promotion activities
Improving and determining a better fiscal environment
Bringing the sector players together
Intellectual property rights
Training and excellence support for the companies

At this moment ATIC represents an important key point on any of the directions mentioned above to link the interests of ICT and non ICT representatives.