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How to become member

The procedure used to obtain membership

According to the Statute of Moldovan Association of ICT Companies: 

Member of the Association may become any legal person - a private company and/or association in Information Technology and/or Communications, which operates in Moldova and/or abroad, and which recognizes its Statute.

  • The membership is voluntary, private and inalienable.
  • The legal entity wishing to become a member of National Association of Companies in Information Technology and Communications shall submit a written request via e-mail to the following address: or by fax to: (373 22) 88 7001.
  • ATIC reserves the right to investigate potential and new members for the purpose of protecting the association's reputation.
  • The submitted request will be examined and approved by the the Board of Directors.
  • The applicant shall pay the membership fee during 10 days since the date of the decision of the Board of Directors on its admission as Association Member. Along with the membership fee, the applicant shall transfer to the Association's account an amount equal to the size of three monthly contributions (deposit), which is used by the Association to extinguish the member's debt in paying membership fees.
  • The candidate shall be deemed received among the Association Members upon the payment of the membership fee and the deposit.
  • The President of the Board of Directors will present the applicant at the earliest General Assembly of the Association Members since the application submission.

If the company is approved to be member of the Association, an invoice will be issued, consisting of:

Regular membership:

        2000 EUR/year - Big companies (more than 200 employees)

        1500 EUR/year - Small and medium enterprises

Associate membership:

        2000 EUR/year - Big companies (more than 200 employees)

        500 EUR/year - Small and medium enterprises

        200 EUR/year - Startup (early stage businesses up to 3 years with a team of maximum 10 persons, that is not a subsidiary of a multinational corporation) 

One can as well choose the associate membership, sponsor and gold partners limited sponsorship. For more details, please contact the office representatives or see the packages below.

To download the application forms, please use the links below:

  Application En   Application RU  Application RO  Packages