Mission, Vision, Goals

Moldovan Association of ICT Companies promotes the development of the ICT sector in the Republic of Moldova through viable partnerships between the private companies, similar organizations, state institutions, international organizations in order to enhance the competitiveness and development of the sector and company capacities, enlarge the market, atract investments in the country and participate in the decision making and regulatory process on the national and international level.


The ICT sector will become an enabler of the Moldovan economy, and Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (further ATIC) will contribute to this process through its consultancy means in creating a better life and a better environement in terms of business and social needs. ATIC will get involved into the spheres of education, export, capacity building, competitiveness enhancement to have ICT lead the industry and become a part of any system and process to ensure its development. 



  • To raise the Moldovan ICT industry’s profile and image within the country and on International markets.
  • To raise the level of co-operation and collaboration amongst members of the Moldovan ICT business community.
  • To work with Government to improve the business context, legal framework and overall prospects for the sector.
  • To collaborate with Moldovan Educational institutions to improve over time the quality and quantity of ICT trained graduates.
  • To help improved levels of professional & management skills within ICT companies.
  • To improve all aspects of investment opportunities for ICT enterprises in Moldova.