International Visitors Program for IT group

During the period of November 27 - December 20 2010, the representatives of Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies are travelling to the United States of America for a study visit sponsored by the US Government.

The goals of the visit as outlined by the Department of State are:

  • To provide opportunities for visitors to gather information and gain experience that will help them contribute both to the development of their business internally and externally, and will contribute significantly to the growth of the sector by bringing new visions, standards, ideas how to do that;
  • To explore the innovation of cutting edge technology and its potential to develop society;
  • To explore education and business management principles, as well as incubation of businesses in the IT cluster;
  • To reach an understanding of how U.S. companies work, with particular focus on small and medium IT companies, and to reach insights into how small sized companies can succeed in an environment of fierce competition;
  • To explore U.S. ICT companies’ business strategies, structures, marketing and processes, and their influence on business success; 

The delegation is formed of 5 people: Veaceslav Cunev (Deeplace), Radu Grosu (Endava), Oleg Macari (F-line Technologies), Andrey Ricov  (Kvazar-Micro) and Ana Chirita (Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies).