Meeting with the ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in Washington DC

While being on the International Visitors program, the representatives of the Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies within the delegation formed of Veaceslav Cunev (Deeplace), Radu Grosu (Endava), Andrey Ricov (Kvazar- Micro), Oleg Macari (F-line Technologies) and Ana Chirita (ATIC) have accomplished to vote for the elections and meet the ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in the United States of America, Mr. Igor Munteanu.

Mr. Munteanu has lead the discussion in a very friendly atmosphere saying that ICT is an important field for the moldovan economy, and that the Republic of Moldova has a great opportunity to strenghen its ICT sector in Moldova, and increase its presence in the US. He has also mentioned that there is a need to work close both with the Moldovan Government and with the private sector to achieve higher results.