HR Training on Performance Management Systems Design

Date: 25-26 January, 2011
Event: Training on Performance Management Systems Design
Bonus: Hot topics on Payroll related process and labour law
Trainer: Horatiu Cocheci, Svetlana Ceban, Alexandru Munteanu
Partners: PwC, Ministry of ICT
Expected attendance: 15 people
Location: Ministry of ICT conference room
Duration: 2 days (16 academic hours)


Who should attend?

This Seminar is designed for directors, department heads and HR executives involved in designing performance management systems or managing employee performance.
Also, the Top management will be provided with certain expert insights on payroll taxes and labour law.

Course objectives:

  • Performance management: concept understanding, design and implementation of the sustainable process;
  • Payroll taxes and labour law – Hot topics screening.

Seminar Content:

  • The Performance Management concept and the link with the other pillars of an organisation’s management;
  • Performance appraisal components: management by objectives / competency oriented;
  • Examples of tools and best practices in performance appraisal;
  • The objective setting process. Practical exercise on setting good objectives;
  • The performance review process and the performance appraisal session. Tips on delivering effective feed-back. Practical exercise, role play;
  • Understanding and using rating scales;
  • Key roles in performance appraisal: appraiser, employee, coach, HR facilitator;
  • Using multi-rater assessment and 360º feed-back;
  • Designing and implementing a performance appraisal system. Project management aspects;
  • Design of a pay for performance/ merit system i.e, performance bonuses and annual salary increases;
  • Providing support and coaching to line managers to ensure development and sustainability of a performance oriented culture;
  • Link with other HR processes: learning and development, talent management etc.


  • Discussing payroll taxes matters: challenges and opportunities;
  • Key labour law issues.

Seminar Fee:

  • Base fee: 380 EUR per participant;
  • ATIC members: 225 EUR per participant;
  • Discount : group 3 + 1 for free.

Apply by the 10th of January to receive a discount of 10%.

To attend, please fill in the application form below by 20th of January 2011, 18:00 and send it to
Please remember that the seating is limited.

More details: 88 70 00.

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