IT Center of Excellence

Square 3400m2

Proximity to the Technical University

Estimated time of opening- beginning 2016

Estimated number of beneficiaries and clients- 2000/year


The IT Center of Excellence will contribute to the economic development of Moldova by providing:

World-class education and training facilities, with up to date curricula, lecturers and laboratories

Associated business development assistance

Relevant research and development capabilities

The Center will help to solve the skills needs of the IT sector, thereby creating high quality, well paid jobs, and deterring the emigration of talented young people.

The Center will enable the sector to continue to grow, by encouraging local start-ups, allowing existing companies to expand, and attracting international IT companies to invest in Moldova.

Goals and Objectives

The overarching goal of the project is to ensure maximum impact on Moldovan’s economy though enhancing the educational capacity and research potential of the higher education institutions; hence achieving quantitative and qualitative increase in qualified IT professionals and creating successful startups based on modern research and world-class sales and marketing force.


The main project objectives are listed below:

1. To improve the educational and research capacities of UTM and other universities 

2. To expand the initiative and involve other educational establishments and research centers 

3. To ensure university-industry linkage 

4. To create strategic partnerships with the US and western European universities, such as Stanford, Berkeley in terms of the transfer of curricula, and other academic/ research initiatives 

5. To further improve Moldovan’s image and put Moldova on the map as a world-class center for IT innovation and entrepreneurship 

6. To make a significant impact on Moldovan economy by accelerating the growth of IT industry and creating new highly paid jobs. 

IT Center of Excellence 

Center’s Roles

Education and Training

The Center will provide a range of training courses in modern IT topics, as required by industry. Courses will be at different levels, short and long-term, full time and part-time, depending on market needs.

The Center will also provide transverse (or personal or “soft”) skills, eg English language, communications, presentation skills, team-work, entrepreneurship, etc

Certification will be offered, both as an adjunct to the training courses, and independently. Certification is a growing requirement of advanced western markets.

Curricula development. The Center will collaborate with the University on updating curricula. It is expected that courses on newer topics will progressively move into mainstream Bachelors and Masters degree courses.

Professional development of lecturers. The Center will provide update training in new topics (and new teaching methods) for university and industry lecturers with a range of train-the-trainer courses.

Careers Center. The Center will also operate as a Careers Center, providing advice to students and graduates on opportunities in the industry.

Internships. Alongside this careers role, the Center will manage a centralized internship scheme for companies that are too small to manage their own scheme.

Business Development

The Center will operate as an incubator, providing laboratory facilities for start-ups to test their ideas and develop prototypes.

For established small businesses, it will operate as an accelerator, to support their growth.

The Center will promote IT usage in different sectors of economy.

It will also attract grants, venture and angel investments for startups.

Benefits to partner:

1. Access to talents 

2. The right place to invest in education and Business 

3. The Hub is where academia, investors, startups, entrepreneurs, business meets. 

4. Direct interest in innovative projects. 

5. Possibility to brand your own Lab